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Preventing homelessness requires a collaborative effort between landlords and tenants, and MRB Property, led by Mark Burrows, offers a compelling solution in the West Midlands. By addressing the challenges faced by both parties, they aim to make a meaningful impact on families affected by the benefit cap while ensuring the security of landlords’ investments.

MRB Property’s approach involves providing housing for families impacted by the benefit cap, rehousing over 40 families in the past three years alone. Landlords are offered a comprehensive package that includes a secure 2-year Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST), ensuring stability for both parties. They take on the responsibility of finding suitable tenants at no cost to the landlord, with affordable rent set by the government to provide peace of mind. Monthly government payments are handled directly, alleviating the financial burden on landlords.

Recognizing the financial challenges landlords face, MRB Property offers a £700 gift payment as a token of gratitude for their support. They also cover expenses such as new energy performance certificates, gas certificates, repair bonds, and digital property inventories, further easing the burden on landlords.

These initiatives are crucial in light of alarming statistics on homelessness. The number of people sleeping rough in London has risen by 34% between October and December 2023 compared to the previous year, while cases of homelessness have increased by 54% between 2013 and 2023. Moreover, the number of households living in temporary accommodation in the UK has reached its highest level since 2005, with 109,000 households recorded in temporary accommodation as of September 2023.

End of private rented Assured Shorthold Tenancies is a common reason for homelessness, accounting for 40.1% of cases, often due to landlords wishing to sell or re-let the property. Additionally, family or friends no longer willing or able to accommodate accounts for 23.8% of households owed a prevention duty.

By working together, landlords and tenants can make a tangible difference in preventing homelessness. MRB Property’s initiative provides a model for collaboration that not only protects landlords’ investments but also positively impacts the lives of vulnerable families in need of stable housing.

Midlands Landlords, Get Rewarded for Long-Term Rentals

Here’s what we’re offering:

£700 incentive to all landlords
We will be the guarantor and provide great security, peace of mind and no eviction costs
2-year Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement
A new energy performance certificate
A comprehensive digital property inventory
A right-to-rent check
Effective marketing to find the perfect family for your property
Direct payment of local housing allowance rates to you as the landlord
Free “tenant check-in” service
No management fees

Together, we can make a positive impact and help these families find stable homes. Thank you for considering this opportunity!

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