What do Mark Burrows Property Consultancy do ?

We are commercial property traders

A commercial property trader is a negotiator between sellers and buyers of commercial property, who helps clients sell, lease, or purchase land and commercial property. A commercial property trader has the freedom to work as an independent agent, an employer of commercial property agents, or as a member of a commercial real estate brokerage firm.

The primary difference between a commercial  property trader and a commercial property agent is that the former can work independently while the latter does not. A commercial property agent must be employed by a licensed broker.

What is commercial property

A property is classified as commercial when it is only used for the purpose of conducting business. Typically, commercial property is owned by an investor who collects rent from each business that operates from that property. Examples of commercial property include office space, hotels, convenience stores, and restaurants

Why use us ?

As a commercial property traders we can help you save time and money by carrying out the following functions:

  • Building a network in the target community: We have created a network of buyers and sellers of commercial property and land so you don’t have too. Our network spreads far and wide and we have identified our clients requirements 
  • Negotiating with clients: We are excellent negotiators and mediators because we often have to deal with more than two parties when arranging the sale or lease of a property. The various parties often have conflicting incentives, which we are able to align through negotiations. We have excellent communication and persuasion skills to successfully navigate negotiations.

Conducting research: Often, the success of a client’s business depends on local conditions. We provide prospective buyers of commercial property with research regarding local demographics, businesses, property maintenance costs, and the desirability of the location of the property.